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​As long as you maintain your home as your primary residence and stay current on mortgage insurance premiums and property tax payments, you are not required to pay back the loan. The loan comes due only after you permanently vacate your home. Homeowners who plan to maintain residence in their home never lose the option of passing their property onto their heirs. The title to your home always remains in your name, just as it is now.

Keep your current income! Proceeds from a reverse mortgage loan do not affect Medicare or Social Security benefits, and no mortgage payments are ever required. And because most loans are government insured, should the loan balance ever exceed the appraised value of your home or its sale price, mortgage insurance funding will cover the difference.

Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage

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As with a traditional mortgage, there are closing costs incurred when obtaining a reverse mortgage. But because most of these costs can be paid for using loan proceeds, your out-of-pocket expense is minimal. Your only expenses are a property appraisal fee and a counseling charge, which can be exempted for low-income homeowners.

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